About Me

About Joshua Livingood

My name is Joshua Livingood (He/Him), and I am from Kasson, MN. Kasson is a small town outside of Rochester, MN.

In my leisure time, I find joy in writing, going to concerts, spending time with friends and family and curating my vinyl collection. I always say, “you can learn a lot about a person through the music that they listen to.”

My love for creativity extends to more than hobbies; it extends into my school and career. Whether I am writing compelling narratives, dissecting the world of film and music videos or capturing moments through the lens of my camera, my artistic spirit is present.

Student Life

I am currently a second-year student at Drake University studying digital media production and graphic design. Studying these topics allows me to hone my skills in video editing, photography and media analysis.

I am a transfer from Winona State University where I studied graphic design. I decided to make the change and transfer universities, and that was the best choice that I could have made.

I figured out once I got to Drake, that my true calling lay in the dynamic world of digital media. I took a digital media course, and I enjoyed it more than the graphic design courses I was currently taking or had taken in the past.

Once I realized that, school became easier and more enjoyable. Throughout my time at Drake, I participated in an acapella group, Fermata the Blue, that provided me the experience to meet new people outside of my degree.

Professional Life

After I graduated high school, I got an internship working with GIS (geographic information systems) at Ellingson Companies in West Concord, MN. With that internship experience, it allowed me to learn more about AutoCAD.

Throughout my first three semesters at Drake University, I was in an acapella group, Fermata the Blue. After a semester, I ran and was elected as the head communicator for the group.

Doing so gave me great experience in running social media accounts for an organization and curating content that will gain attention for the organization.

I am currently working at Bulldog Shop on campus. That allows me to socialize and work on my customer service ability.

In the future, I hope to work in the film or TV industry. I would like the opportunity to work on the set of a music video because I feel like that would be a neat experience. Feel free to contact me if have any questions.