The Art of Collecting Vinyl Records

The Start of My Collection

I started collecting vinyl records in late 2022, and it has turned into a slippery slope. I use my vinyl collection as a form of identification, a person can understand who I am based on the records in my collection.

I started collecting vinyl records to express my personality through music. Music is a big part of me, and having a way to collect my favorite albums by my favorite artists means so much to me. The first vinyl in my collection was “evermore” by Taylor Swift, and that vinyl and album means so much to me.

Best Places to Shop for Records

There are plenty of places to get vinyl records, but the best places to do so are local vinyl stores. Buying from local stores contributes to the community’s vibrancy and growth. Personally, if you are in the Des Moines area, I suggest Vinyl Cup Records or Marv’s Music for any vinyl purchases.

My Favorite Records in my Collection

Throughout my time collecting records, I have accumulated a total of 52 vinyl records, which is bound to increase as time goes on. Within my collection, there are a few albums that are special to me.

Those albums are:

  • “Snow Angel” by Reneé Rapp
  • “folklore” by Taylor Swift
  • “evermore“by Taylor Swift
  • “Emails I Can’t Send” by Sabrina Carpenter
  • “Sour” by Olivia Rodrigo

“Snow Angel” by Reneé Rapp

This album is special to me because I have been a fan of Reneé Rapp since she was on Broadway. I find it exciting that her first album has done so well.

“folklore” by Taylor Swift

“folklore” is Taylor’s eighth studio album. This album is interesting because it is about a love triangle between James, Betty and Augustine. I find Taylor’s storytelling throughout the album very engaging.

“evermore” by Taylor Swift

“evermore” is Taylor’s ninth studio album, and is the sister album to “folklore”, as seen above. This album is special to me because it was the first vinyl I bought, and it is my favorite album by Taylor Swift. This album is a lyrical masterpiece and is an excellent display of Taylor’s song writing abilities.

“Emails I Can’t Send” by Sabrina Carpenter

This album is Sabrina Carpenter’s fifth studio album and is chock-full of pop hits. The songs are written in a manner that are catchy but also holds a deeper meaning than the pop-like tunes allow.

“Sour” by Olivia Rodrigo

“Sour” is Olivia Rodrigo’s first studio album, released in 2021, and quickly soared to the top album at the time. It is full of catchy pop songs and gut-wrenching ballads. “Sour” will always hold a special place in my heart due to the time it was released. It was released around the time of my high school graduation so it has many good memories associated with it.